UK promo support & Worldwide aggregation for new EP

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UK promo support & Worldwide aggregation for new EP

As well as our aggregation arm Doxmedia supplying the wonderful  new EP ‘Being Breathed’ by Colorado singer-songwriter HEATHERLYN to all major digital music sites and platform Worldwide, under our Dox Music Services banner we are also handling the promotion and PR to various media contacts within the UK. The photo shows the pile of UK media promo CDs produced just prior to distribution

“I got to know Heatherlyn through her work with the acclaimed international band Nine Beats Collective who have released their album and 5 singles through Doxmedia onto all digital sites Worldwide” shared Doxmusic’s Keith Dixon, ” And I had the pleasure of also working with her and the band in supporting some live UK dates in the summer of 2017. We’ve kept in touch and ‘Being Breathed’ is her first solo studio recording since her 2011 “Storydwelling” album and when I offered to work with Heatherlyn again and help with the release and she accepted!”    page1image1806080

Inspired by the irresistible way music can connect an carry us, Heatherlyn has built an international community around songs, poetry, and gatherings designed to pull listeners deeper into their own stories and the stories of others. Whether she is curating sacred space through music at or on the road in partnership with patrons and social justice organizations around the world, her motivation rests in the firmly held belief that love is a powerful force of hope and healing, and that music is a uniquely powerful expression of love.

The creation of “Being Breathed” has been an expression of love all its own, layering Heatherlyn’s transcendent music and lyrics with the gifts and vision of those who surround and support her. Produced and engineered by Ben Grace ( “Being Breathed” fills the room with swelling harmonies, the calming hum of Heatherlyn’s singing bowl, and the well-sung reminder to be present, to stay open, to be here now.

“The EP is released Worldwide on Tuesday 9th July and with our PR work we’ve already picked up some radio play and news features and/or reviews on music websites in the UK” reported Keith Dixon. “We’re getting a great response and feedback and it’s totally deserved!”
 For Heatherlyn’s official website (CLICK HERE)

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