It’s taken a while

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Welcome to Dox Music Services (incorporating Doxmedia Aggregation). If you are a songwriter, performer or creative we are here to offer expert advice and help you thrive and survive in today's music industry. With over 20 years experience of working in all aspects of the creation, copyrighting and distribution of music we can support you in many areas, from an original idea to the finished project and beyond.
Welcome to Doxmedia Aggregation. We are your easy 'one-stop' gateway to the digital music world for your music. We are here to help artists and record labels make your music available on every major online digital music store and streaming site WORLDWIDE. So if you want your music to be readily available everywhere, from iTunes through to Spotify, and everyone inbetween across the globe, then you need to talk to us.
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It’s taken a while

It’s taken longer than I’d wished and hoped but at long last the new Dox Music Services website is live and open for business. There’s still work to be done on it and lots of info etc to be added but to me it marks another important step on this new phase of my own music/work journey.

Having grown up a total music fan – the sort who when he likes a band/artist has to have everything they’ve ever released! – but not a good musician (unless violin grade 4 counts!) I was very keen to get involved with music in some (any) way. That opportunity eventually revealed itself and running a PA for a band performing in small venues filled the initial need. Then, eventually the band had an opportunity to release a six song cassette (remember them) through a small local independent record label and through a curious series of musical and work related events, I became a partner in the record label and it’s sister music publishing arm in 1991.

Since then I’ve been involved in all aspects of the “music industry” at mainly a grass roots level. As well as all that running a small label and publisher involves I’ve been involved in lots of related activities, including album cover design and origination to print ready stage, band management, live sound, event organisation, roadie, tour manager… and the list goes on

As the music world changed  I started looking at making the label’s music available to download and the two years of investigation and work involved in that led me to set up Doxmedia Aggregation, which offers artists and labels the chance to get their music on every major music download and streaming site/service Worldwide in one easy step, as I’d now worked at getting the network/mechanism in place. Half of this new site is designated to the still very active and on-going work of Doxmedia Aggregation. If you’ve got a release, we need to talk!

The other half of this site is designated to my latest venture – Dox Music Services. The idea for which came out of my constant observations of, in depth discussions with, and cries for help from writers, artists and a lot of would-be or new start creatives (record labels, music publishers etc) that had or have no real grasp or understanding of how the administrative, copyright and royalty aspects of the music business work. And why should they! They are artistic, creative people!

But, today’s business is very much moving towards the individual artist and small labels. And couple this with the dwindling returns on recorded music due to the changing listening habits of the fans then it’s so important, now more than ever,  that there is help and guidance  available to writers, artists and creatives in order that they can gain maximum return and protection of their art and creations.

The need to be a ‘Jack of all trades’ and to have knowledge of all aspects of the music industry is the reason why I’ve set up Dox Music Services. I’ve built up over 20 years of experience and learning (often from mistakes!) that I think is invaluable to today’s music creators and makers. So come on, get in touch and let’s see if we can work together to help you. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than helping a writer, artist or creative increase their knowledge , understanding and grasp of the music industry!

Keith “Dox” Dixon

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