Carol reaches Christmas charity target

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Carol reaches Christmas charity target

Here’s a great good news story. UK singer songwriter CAROL LEE SAMPSON has  passed the target she hoped to raise for charity with her latest release, a Christmas six song release called ‘Precious Gift’ which we (DOXMEDIA) have the pleasure of aggregating Worldwide to all leading digital music download and streaming sites.

“My original target was to raise £500 for the work of St Richard’s Hospice Foundation,” stated Carol, “but we reached that target quite quickly after releasing ‘Precious Gift’ on CD, which was absolutely brilliant. So, I revised the target to £1000 and we then passed that amount on December 9 through selling the CD on just The total currently raised stands at £1,095.50 and this doesn’t even include any revenue from the digital sales via Doxmedia yet! With just over a week to Christmas we hope to add to that total still”

Carol explained why she chose St Richard’s Hospice. “I had the privilege of spending the afternoon of Christmas Day last year with my dear friend Gill who was staying there. As this Christmas started approaching, the memories came flooding back, of how brave she was, and grateful of all the care she was shown by the staff at the Hospice. This release is a small way that I can help support this great facility, so that many other loved ones nearing the end of their lives can know that same care that Gill did!”

Gill sadly passed on earlier this year and Carol has dedicated ‘Precious Gift’ to her lovely friend.

‘Precious Gift’ is available to download or stream from all major digital music sites Worldwide and to find out more about the digital release, click here (link includes direct links to the UK iTunes and Amazon sites).

To buy a copy of ‘Precious Gift’ on CD, go to the just website page, click here

Please support Carol in her fund raising efforts. We at DOXMEDIA have worked with Carol on several releases and as well as producing great music she is a lovely lady too.

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