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Welcome to Dox Music Services (incorporating Doxmedia Aggregation). If you are a songwriter, performer or creative we are here to offer expert advice and help you thrive and survive in today's music industry. With over 20 years experience of working in all aspects of the creation, copyrighting and distribution of music we can support you in many areas, from an original idea to the finished project and beyond.
Welcome to Doxmedia Aggregation. We are your easy 'one-stop' gateway to the digital music world for your music. We are here to help artists and record labels make your music available on every major online digital music store and streaming site WORLDWIDE. So if you want your music to be readily available everywhere, from iTunes through to Spotify, and everyone inbetween across the globe, then you need to talk to us.
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Getting ready for Nine Beats

For some time now we’ve been working as part of an international team on brilliant new music project based on the Beatitudes by THE NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE – a collection of very talented and diverse artists based in UK, Europe, USA and Africa that have come together to record an extraordinary[…]

Christmas song hits #3 on December Top 10

Big congratulations to Andrew and all of the FRIENDS OF CEDAR CHURCH collective for all of the positive reaction, comments and reviews that they’ve received over the last month for their fantastic new Christmas song “Love is the Heart of Christmas Time”. There’s been lots of radio play, some radio[…]

Dox Music Services & Doxmedia to work with Nine Beats

We are pleased to announce that both DOX MUSIC SERVICES and DOXMEDIA will be working with the NINE BEATS Collective who are making a concept album exploring the ancient wisdom of ‘The Beatitudes’. Artists from UK, Uganda, Denmark & USA are collaborating on songs, instrumentals and spoken word to present ‘NINE BEATS’[…]

Dox Music Services & Doxmedia feature at London conference

Keith Dixon, owner of DOX MUSIC SERVICES and digital music aggregator DOXMEDIA, was recently asked to give a presentation at a Music and Media conference in central London. Organised by AStepFWD, Keith was originally invited to present because of his 25 years of being a Partner in the UK independent[…]

Submitting your music to radio

I recently did a short presentation at a London music & media conference organised by my friends at AStepFWD and the one section of my presentation that was most specifically commented on was about submitting music to radio.   The reality is that how you present yourself and your music[…]

Doxmedia digital platforms/sites grow Wordwide

We are very pleased to confirm that the digital music sites and platforms that we at DOXMEDIA aggregation service and supply our artist’s music to continues to grow and expand. You’ll be able to find the music of our artists on a new on-demand subscription streaming service launched by the Russian social[…]

Interesting article about income from vinyl vs YouTube

Here’s an interesting article for all you artists out there. Following reported growth for the eighth year in a row, resurgent sales of music on vinyl generated more income for UK artists than YouTube last year, with British acts including Adele and Ed Sheeran accounting for a record one in six[…]

Updated news on the Global music industry

A great news item has been posted on the BBC website giving an up to date overview of theWorld music industry. It makes interesting reading. Here are some of the key points: > British artists including Adele, Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran have helped the music industry return to meaningful[…]

Dox Music Services helps songwriter

I often get asked, “Keith, what does Dox Music Services actually do?”. Well the answer is lots of different things! To illustrate one aspect of what I can offer, here’s a case study of a job that I’ve just finished. A songwriter and musician who owns and runs his own studio[…]

Another Doxmedia release is “Record of the Day”

Another single that our music Aggregation arm DOXMEDIA who is aggregating the Worldwide has been highlighted by the music website The new single by talented duo ConseptD6isX which is released Worldwide on Friday 19th February which Doxmedia is aggregating on behalf of ConseptD6isX’s management companies VJ Artist Management Ltd and Mill Lane Artist Management[…]