Kosi EA All Stars – Kosi (All Star Remix)

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Kosi EA All Stars – Kosi (All Star Remix)

  • Release date: 2020-05-22
  • Label: Plankton Records
  • Catalog #: PLANCD025

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EP Description

KOSI is a much anticipated project originating for East Africa. Fronted by Uganda based and multi award winning artist Ambassada, the KOSI EA ALL STARS project was set up and organised by Ambassada who has brought together high-profile artists from Uganda and Kenya: Pallaso, Eddy Kenzo, Arrow Bwoy, Beenie Gunter, Nina Roz, Jabidii, Dufla, Wamboi Katee and Ghetto kids. The project’s aim is to empower and motivate a new generation of African youth

Together, they have recorded a new interpretation of Ambassada’s original song which features on the NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE’s critically acclaimed album, ‘Nine Beats to the Bar’.

KOSI is short for kosisikeleli – one of the punchlines in the former Tanzanian and South African national anthem, meaning ‘freedom’. The song title was chosen to inspire, motivate and encourage a new generation of young people to free their minds to a positive outlook and attitude to life.

“I know what it is like to live on the streets, I have been there, and I can tell you that there is another way” says Ambassada; “That’s why all of us artists have collaborated on this new version of KOSI – it’s time for Kenya, Uganda and East Africa’s youth to seize the day for a better future.”

Ten per cent of sales will go to The Ambassada Foundation to practically help and support children and youth from incredibly tough situations. With such a talented group of artists joining forces, ‘KOSI’ is set to make a difference and impact the creative/music media with sound, visuals and positivity.

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