Carol Lee Sampson- Joby Dream On

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Carol Lee Sampson- Joby Dream On

  • Release date: 2019-02-22
  • Label: Carol Lee Sampson
  • Catalog #: CLS-S08

 Track Samples

Single Description

In the autumn of 2018 UK singer songwriter Carol Lee Sampson met a homeless man called Joby on the street in her home town of Malvern. Carol was moved by his story but at Christmastime Joby was tragically found dead . Carol was so moved that she wrote and recorded this beautiful original song and through sales of this single is aiming to raise money to help with the homeless situation in Malvern.

Here are Carol’s own words. “I met Joby 3 months before he tragically died, all alone on Christmas Day, in a shop doorway! It was his dream to be off the streets, & in his own place again – sadly it didn’t come quickly enough! So, I want to help raise funds for the people who are still sleeping rough in my town – to help them get shelter, food & their basic needs met. My target is to enetually raise at least £1,000 via a Just Giving campaign I’ve started. Also, our community has set up a group, who are currently donating food, clothes & support, so any funds I raise will be given there, to aid that. The long term vision is to have our own day & night shelter in Malvern, so any excess funds raised will be given to that cause. The song I have written in Joby’s memory is available to download on all platforms worldwide and all proceeds will go to this fund.”

The song is on all streaming sites too but we are asking and hoping people will download the song purely because we can help Carol raise more money that way! It’s a beautiful heartfelt song for a brilliant cause.

To visit/donate to Carol’s Just Giving campaign page (CLICK HERE)

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