ConseptD6ixS – All That I Stand For

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ConseptD6ixS – All That I Stand For

  • Release date: 2016-02-19
  • Label: ConseptD6ixS
  • Catalog #: CD6S001

 Track Samples

Album Description

ConseptD6ixS is a duo comprising of Matt Kitching (aka rapper Consept) and Dave Arnett (aka acoustic artist D6ixS). Both hailing from Hartlepool on the North East coast of England, the two musicians come from very different genres but fuse neatly together on this brilliant single.
They are both songwriters and performers who had been working separately from each other for several years before coming joining forces to form this rock-rap duo last summer, and this is their debut release. Dave (D6ixS) provides the memorable and powerful vocals in the chorus on the track with Matt (Consept) providing some driving contemporary UK urban grime/rap for the verses.
It’s the kind of song you can imagine hearing on the soundtrack to a big Hollywood action film and there’s a totally raw yet very cinematic edge to it. It’s early days for the guys working together as a duo, but keep an eye and ear out for these two.
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